Heating & Air Conditioning

Our Approach

At Trammell Heating and Air we specialize in residential & commercial heating and air services.

Trammell Heating and Air is a home performance heating and air conditioning company. We are locally owned and have over 20 years of experience in the heating and air business in Atlanta. 

Your heating and air conditioning system is the heart of your home’s efficiency. In order to find the solutions that best fit your needs and comfort, we not only test your heating and air but will also test your whole home’s efficiency including windows, doors, attic insulation, drafty spots and humidity. Once we test your home, we will make the correct recommendations for your comfort and wallet.  


BPI Energy Assessment

Building Performance Institute has become the nation’s premier standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy auditing.

If you’re experiencing the pains from high utility bills, thinking of replacing an HVAC system or having problems with dust and allergies then have your home tested! If you’re not testing, you’re guessing. 

Our trained technicians can perform a BPI energy audit of your home and the entire system. This procedure is the diagnostic phase where we test air quality and examine trouble areas where air might be entering or leaving. The best solution could be improving your insulation to prevent air loss. It might be a better option than replacing or repair.

BPI works to advance the building performance industry by developing industry standards that foster quality and consistency throughout the nation’s home performance and weatherization workforce.

Why Air Seal Your Home?


Save on heating and cooling costs by checking for air leaks in common trouble spots in your home.

Air leakage occurs when outside air enters and conditioned air leaves your house uncontrollably through cracks and openings. It is unwise to rely on air leakage for ventilation. During cold or windy weather, too much air may enter the house. When it’s warmer and less windy, not enough air may enter, which can result in poor indoor air quality.

Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is a cost-effective way to cut heating and cooling costs, improve durability, increase comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment.

Caulking and weather-stripping are two simple and effective air-sealing techniques that offer quick returns on investment, often in one year or less. Caulk is generally used for cracks and openings between stationary house components such as around door and window frames, and weather-stripping is used to seal components that move, such as doors and operable windows.