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How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality


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The air inside your home can be more polluted than the air outside. This is because pollutants can build up over time, and there are often fewer ways for them to escape. For these reasons, it’s important to take steps to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Here are some tips on how to do just that:


      1. Ventilate regularly. This is the single most important thing you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Open windows and doors whenever possible, especially on days when the weather is mild. You can also use fans to help circulate the air.

      1. Use an air purifier. An air purifier can help remove pollutants from the air, such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. If you have allergies or asthma, an air purifier can be especially beneficial.

      1. Clean regularly. Vacuum and dust your home regularly to remove dust and other allergens. You should also wash your bedding and curtains often.

      1. Avoid using scented products. Scented candles, air fresheners, and other scented products can release harmful chemicals into the air. If you want to freshen up your home, try using natural products, such as baking soda or essential oils.

      1. Fix any leaks. Leaks in your home’s plumbing or HVAC system can allow mold and other pollutants to build up. If you have any leaks, be sure to fix them as soon as possible.

    By following these tips, you can improve your home’s indoor air quality and make your home a healthier place to live.

    In addition to the tips above, here are some other things you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality:


        • Choose the right flooring. Hard-surface flooring, such as tile or wood, is better for indoor air quality than carpeting. Carpeting can trap dust and other allergens, which can trigger allergies and asthma.

        • Get rid of clutter. Clutter can trap dust and other pollutants, so it’s important to keep your home clutter-free.

        • Keep your HVAC system clean and well-maintained. A dirty or clogged HVAC system can release harmful pollutants into the air. Be sure to have your HVAC system cleaned and serviced regularly. Additionally, it’s important to never run a furnace without a filter, as this can exacerbate indoor air pollution.

      If you’re concerned about your home’s indoor air quality, you can contact a qualified HVAC professional for help. They can assess your home’s air quality and recommend specific steps you can take to improve it.

      Want to make sure you are getting the most out of your HVAC system and indoor air quality while keeping your energy bills at the lowest possible? Call Trammell Heating and Air team (770) 925-5506 for fast, reliable, full-service HVAC expertise done right.

      Trammell Heating and Air: Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Air Quality

      Good IAQ refers to air that is free from harmful pollutants and contaminants at levels that can adversely affect your health. It encompasses several factors:

      • Temperature and humidity: A comfortable temperature range (around 68-78°F) and moderate humidity levels (30-50%) contribute to good IAQ.
      • Ventilation: Proper ventilation ensures fresh air circulation and removes stale air and pollutants.
      • Minimal pollutants: Low levels of contaminants like dust, allergens, smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contribute to good IAQ.

      Exposure to poor IAQ can cause various health problems, including:

      • Respiratory issues: Symptoms like coughing, sneezing, congestion, and asthma irritation.
      • Eye irritation: Itchy, watery, or burning eyes.
      • Headaches and fatigue: Poor IAQ can contribute to headaches and feelings of tiredness.
      • Skin problems: Dry, itchy, or irritated skin.

      There are two main ways to test your indoor air quality:

      • DIY test kits: These home test kits can provide a basic indication of common pollutants like mold spores or allergens.
      • Professional air quality testing: A professional HVAC company like Trammell Heating and Air can perform comprehensive testing for a wider range of pollutants. This provides a more detailed picture of your indoor air quality.

      Call Trammell Heating and Air at 770-925-5506 to discuss your indoor air quality concerns and explore testing options.

      Fortunately, there are several solutions to improve indoor air quality:

      • Regular HVAC maintenance: Ensures your system filters air efficiently.
      • Air filter upgrades: Consider high-efficiency air filters like HEPA filters to capture more allergens and pollutants.
      • Increase ventilation: Open windows and doors regularly to bring in fresh air.
      • Reduce sources of pollutants: Minimize smoking indoors, control dust mites through cleaning, and use low-VOC cleaning products.
      • Air purifiers: Can be a valuable tool to remove airborne pollutants.

      Whole-home air purifiers can be a worthwhile investment if you suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. They effectively remove a wide range of airborne contaminants, improving your home’s indoor air quality.

      HVAC air filters are essential for your system’s function, but they might not capture all airborne pollutants. Air purifiers provide additional filtration, specifically targeting allergens, dust mites, smoke, and even some airborne viruses.

      Whether you need an air purifier depends on your specific needs and sensitivities. Call Trammell Heating and Air at 770-925-5506 to discuss your indoor air quality concerns and explore air purifier options suitable for your home. We can help you breathe easier!

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