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When cold temperatures make their way to Georgia, it’s vital that your HVAC system can handle it. Needing furnace repairs at any point in the winter is inconvenient. Fortunately, our Trammell Heating and Air team in Buford, GA, can get your system running again fast and efficiently. 

Turn to our experts for same-day HVAC services. We put your comfort first and are available 24/7 when your heating system breaks down. Find out why we are the most trusted HVAC contractors in Gwinnett County. 

Common Furnace Problems

Many homeowners experience the same problems when it comes to their furnaces. These include:

      • The pilot light goes out.

      • They hear noises coming from the furnace.

      • The blower stays on constantly, but there’s no warm air.

      • The blower never turns on.

      • The furnace itself doesn’t turn on.

    You can troubleshoot these issues with a few different measures. For example, you can change your air filter, as clogs can impact the function of your furnace. You can also adjust your thermostat and replace its batteries if necessary. 

    You can attempt to reignite your unit’s pilot light if that is the cause of your problem. In addition, check your home’s circuit board to see if a breaker has switched off. If you still have furnace trouble, even with these actions, give us a call to issue repairs. 

    Signs You Need Furnace Repair

    There are multiple indicators that your furnace needs repair. A furnace that’s in good working condition should never emit strange odors through your vents. If you notice a distinct smell when your system powers on, it’s a sign to have a professional inspect for damage. 

    Perhaps the clearest indicators that you need furnace repair are issues with your heating. If you experience uneven temperatures in areas of your home or there is no warm air blowing from your vents, call Trammell Heating and Air. Our technicians can determine if you have a mechanical problem or leaks in your duct system. 

    Keep an eye out for changes in your utility bill. If your heating demands remain the same, yet you experience a drastic increase in energy costs, your furnace’s efficiency is to blame. Address the problem as soon as you notice it to save yourself money and prevent further damage. 

    How to Avoid Furnace Damage

    Ensure your unit receives proper furnace maintenance year-round, not just when it’s time to heat your home. This prepares your HVAC system for use during the winter and allows you to catch any potential issues early. The benefits of regular maintenance and tune-up services include not only catching issues early but also saving you big bucks on major furnace repairs and heating costs.

    Maintenance is also the best way to prolong the life of your furnace in Buford, GA. Let our trained technicians protect your system from damage with our quality maintenance checks. 

    A simple way to prevent furnace problems in Buford, GA, is by regularly changing your air filter. Dirty filters can impact the overall heating function in Buford homes and create poor air quality. Switch out air filters on a regular schedule that takes into account the type of filter you use and how much exposure your home has to dust, hair, allergens, and other particles. 

    Types of Furnaces We Service in Buford, GA

    At Trammell Heating and Air in Buford, GA, we are familiar with all types of HVAC systems. Whether your furnace uses gas, oil, or electricity as a power source, we have the expertise to repair it.  


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average lifespan of a furnace is 15-20 years. However, with proper maintenance, a furnace can last up to 25 years.

    If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it is a good idea to have it serviced annually to ensure that it continues running properly and efficiently, without any unexpected surprises!

    The best time of year to schedule furnace service is in the spring or fall.

    When the weather is mild, your furnace is not being used as heavily. This will give the technician a chance to inspect your furnace thoroughly and make any necessary repairs before the heating season begins.

    Yes, a broken furnace can start a fire.

    If the furnace is not properly maintained, the coils can become dirty and clogged, which can restrict airflow and cause the furnace to overheat. This can lead to a fire.

    Additionally, if the furnace has a gas leak, this can also cause multiple noxious gas poisoning and combustion risks.

    If your furnace is not producing heat, you should call a qualified technician to inspect it and make any necessary repairs. Do not attempt to repair your furnace yourself, as this could pose a safety hazard.

    Here are some additional tips for homeowners in the Atlanta area:

    • Have your furnace serviced annually by a qualified technician.
    • Change your furnace filter every month.
    • Keep the area around your furnace clean and free of debris.
    • If you smell gas, immediately evacuate your home and call the gas company.

    If your furnace is not producing heat, call a qualified technician as soon as possible.

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