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What Can Cause a Furnace To Stop Working?


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What Can Cause a Furnace To Stop Working?


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When the chill of winter seeps into your home, and your furnace isn’t keeping up, it’s not just the discomfort you’re facing — it’s a puzzle that needs solving. Discovering what can cause a furnace to stop working is crucial to restoring warmth and safety.

Here at Trammell Heating & Air, we understand the importance of a functioning furnace for residents in Jefferson, Georgia. This guide will delve into the common culprits behind furnace failures. With insights from an esteemed HVAC company serving Jefferson, GA, and the surrounding areas, let’s uncover the mysteries behind furnace malfunctions.

what can cause a furnace to stop working

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

A thermostat acts as your furnace’s command center, sending heat wherever it needs to go to ensure a comfortable home. However, even a minor thermostat issue can throw your entire heating system off balance:

  • Incorrect thermostat settings can prevent your furnace from activating when it should.
  • Dead batteries or electrical issues keep the thermostat from communicating with the furnace.
  • A poorly calibrated thermostat can misread room temperatures, causing the furnace to turn off prematurely or not turn on at all.

Understanding your thermostat’s role is the first step in troubleshooting what can cause a furnace to stop working.

A Faulty Pilot Ignition Switch

The pilot ignition mechanism lights the fire in your gas furnace. A dirty pilot light opening gets in the way of smooth furnace operation by interrupting the ignition process, requiring a thorough cleaning to solve the problem.

Additionally, a malfunctioning ignition switch might fail to deliver that needed spark, rendering your furnace incapable of producing heat. Older furnaces that rely on pilot lights for ignition could experience difficulties in maintaining a flame because of drafts or clogs within the system. It’s vital to monitor the condition of your furnace’s ignition to ensure its ongoing efficiency and keep your home warm.

A Flipped Circuit Breaker

What can cause a furnace to stop working? It could be a power issue.

A flipped circuit breaker might be interrupting your furnace’s connection to power — a detail homeowners often overlook. When trying to determine why your furnace isn’t working, it’s essential to check your home’s electrical panel to verify that the furnace’s circuit breaker is positioned correctly.

Circuit overload is a common reason for a tripped breaker, severing the power supply to the furnace. Electrical surges are also known to cause breakers to flip unexpectedly. Reducing the electrical load can help avert future disruptions. 

A Clogged Air Filter

The air filter serves as the initial barrier protecting your furnace from dust and debris, yet it may also become a significant impediment. A clogged air filter hinders airflow, which can lead to several problems.

First, the furnace may overheat from the extra effort required to circulate air, causing it to shut down. Second, a dirty filter compromises your home’s air quality by failing to trap contaminants as effectively as it should.

Lastly, a clogged filter can significantly decrease your furnace’s efficiency, leading to higher energy bills. Replacing your air filter regularly will enhance your furnace’s performance and longevity.

Dirty Burners

The burners in your furnace are pivotal in heating your home. However, clogged burners can lead to:

  • Inefficient furnace operation. As the burners struggle to produce enough heat, your unit may not meet your indoor comfort needs.
  • Higher energy bills. Your furnace may need to work twice as hard to reach the right temperature.
  • Carbon monoxide. Dirty burners can cause gas to back up in your home, leading to an increase in carbon monoxide levels — a serious health hazard.

Regular maintenance from a licensed professional is necessary to ensure a smoothly functioning system.

Keep Your Home Warm With Trammell Heating & Air

Understanding what can cause a furnace to stop working is the first step toward a warmer, more comfortable home. If you’re facing furnace troubles, Trammell Heating & Air is here to help.

Discover the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance to prevent common furnace issues. For professional furnace repair in Jefferson, Georgia, don’t hesitate to call us at (770) 925 5506. Let Trammell Heating & Air bring the warmth back to your home, whether you need a blower motor repair or a whole new furnace.

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